It’s time for true transformation….

Are you ready to:

         *Remove the blocks that have been holding you back in your life

         *Find true love

         *Create the career you have always dreamed of

         *Transform your ailments back into health

Well then you are in the right place!

We have worked with people that have gone to all kinds of workshops and conferences, worked with therapists and coaches for years on end, and have been down the self-discovery path for a good portion of their lives. The Freedom Project takes you to a whole other level than you have ever been before.

Check out what others are saying…..

“It has been tremendously valuable to have real-time guidance from Em, Scott, and Simon on applying the Freedom Project techniques at the moment when I’m in the fire and most need to act on what I’ve learned…and a gift to experience such quick impact!”- Erin McElroy

“I can’t say enough to express my gratitude for the Freedom Project, I feel truly blessed! What they have created by bringing together all of their gifts and experience in this format is truly a life changing experience!”- Callie Star

“There are so many amazing things I could share about my experience with The Freedom Project; but I’ll begin with this:  Em, Simon and Scott have a way of leading you with compassion, care and fire to who you want to BECOME. They have a grand and keen intuition in believing in your dreams; right along side of you. The amount of love I received in the 4 weeks of the program are beyond what I had expected. Yes; there will be moments of intensity but that is where the magic begins to unfold for you. My life changed dramatically and the pieces started to fall together soon after my graduation. If I can share one thing with you, is – invest in this labor of love. Invest in YOU; the most important person there is in this life. Now is the perfect time, because there is no right time. The time is now. You can trust blindly that these beautiful humans will lead you to your evolvement and to the person you’ve being pondering on becoming. That is really love. Freedom Project changed me internally; and the external world followed after that. Thank you once again Em, Scott and Simon.” -Analia Lemus