Who we are

Scott Sunderland

In 2001, Scott Sunderland found himself lying in a hospital bed, unable to move any part of his body. In just three days, he went from a very capable, athletic man to living in a lifeless body, with a mind full of fear. All his life, he believed he was greater than his parts and he used that power throughout the next year, to teach himself how to walk out of that room, out of his fearful mind, and walk into a new life. Slowly, his old thoughts and fears began to creep back in and take over his mind, without him even realizing it.

On July 27th, 2012, Scott’s world came crashing down once again, while walking on a beach with his best friend and three children. The sand collapsed under their feet, throwing them into a current, fighting for their lives. With his daughter on his back, Scott struggled with all his might to reach the shore, only to watch his best friend Brad take his last breath before a small wave washed over him and he was gone. It was that experience that left Scott broken. For the next five years, he yearned for Brad’s forgiveness, only to come to realize that it was his own that he was searching for. Then Scott vowed he would tell all that would – or would not – listen to Brad’s story, in order to save others.

Today, Scott tells these stories as triumphs, teaching others that all their limitations, their failures, their sicknesses, their losses, their addictions are just there to show them the door to their own greatness. Scott strives to empower people, so that instead of looking at themselves as victims, they realize their own potential and how powerful their true selves really are.

Em Hollis

“If you only knew the life you get to have, you would be running out that door.” That is the voice that came to Emily as she laid in bed getting ready to do one of the hardest things in her life.

After a very dysfunctional 10 year marriage, she was ready to forge a new path, not only for herself, but all the women she would help along the way that were stuck in abusive or dysfunctional relationships. After returning from a meditation workshop and experiencing a profound shift and connection, she walked out the door that day and never looked back. In a very short amount of time she was able to free herself of a 10 year opiate addiction, without traditional rehab, quit smoking, met the love of her life, and most importantly, was able to let go of the very limiting beliefs she had always held on to.

She always believed she was much more then just her body and after a profound spiritual awakening, she knew it to be true. Em, a soon to be author, is now very passionate about sharing her story to show both women and men that it is possible to let go of their own limiting beliefs and live a life they never thought possible. Through telling her story, she shows people how to live beyond the self imposed limits we all create in our lives and how to get in touch with their bigger self. She has a blog where she writes in depth of her journey, where she came from, and where she is now. After having her own deeply impactful experiences with breath work, she now guides others as a breath coach and teaches how very important breath work’s role and heart coherence is in truly impacting your life and transformation.

Simon Harris

I first found myself on June 21st 2018, during a beach meditation in Cancun with my wife Gabrielle. My life changed in that moment. But I have had many other huge moments and events throughout my life that brought me to that point.

My life initially focused on the fast lane. I was one of the youngest dealers on the London Financial Futures Exchange in 1983. I was not a corporate person  (so it transpires) and after a disagreement with the company I worked for, I was asked to leave and I then co-founded what was to become one of the more successful companies on the exchange. I lived in a different flow then, but a lot of the emotional characteristics needed to be a successful trader apply to my life now. 

I have always loved speed. I took up motor racing in 1991. I love skiing and powerboats. I won the UK Caterham Championship in 1995.  When I was on top form, peak state as I know it to be, motor racing was relaxing for me. No room for thoughts. Trading was the same. Don’t overthink it. Stay in the Flow. Don’t need to be right. No ego. 

In 2014 my wife Gabrielle called me at work. “I’ve had a blood test. They want to test me for cancer.” I raced home on the train, my wind working at hyper speed. The cancer was confirmed and a four year journey began for both of us, our two children, my four children, and all our families and friends. I gave up work. I searched for answers and cures while Gabs maintained this amazing aura around her, most of the time. Dark nights of the Soul? Yes, she and I had many of those.

So back to the beach in Cancun. Gabs was very unwell when we arrived at the meditation workshop. I couldn’t touch her due to the pain. She didn’t make the first group meditation, but she did them all after that. A few days later her face was glowing. She completed an arduous activity course which involved scaling and mountaineering a wall and falling backwards from a height on to a large air filled cushion, something she could never have believed possible when we arrived. She was dancing as she loved to. We could not understand what was happening but equally and simultaneously we could not deny it and the fact others were having extraordinary healing too reinforced our beliefs and experiences.

Upon arriving home, we had a glorious last week of August as a family. We had a laughter filled night and a hot tub while she texted and emailed family and friends. Early in the morning she sat up in bed and while I was holding her she just stopped breathing and left this world with the same grace as when she came into it.  

I am carrying on with the work she and I saw and felt. I talk to my children about it. I have always wanted to be a teacher, I just never knew what subject to teach. What felt real and right. I didn’t know this path existed. Now that I do, I’m ALL IN. I am now a qualified Freedom Activation teacher and guide. I am part of the Freedom Project with my best friends and partners, Scott and Em. I am constantly studying other modalities so I can broaden my knowledge and expertise and be the best version of me.